What is the CSC ServiceWorks Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you ever noticed an odd charge on your bank statement from a company called “CSC ServiceWorks“? You’re not alone. This mysterious charge often generates confusion, leaving many consumers wondering what CSC ServiceWorks is and why they have been charged.

A Closer Look at CSC ServiceWorks

CSC ServiceWorks is a company that provides various services through vending machines, including:

  • Laundry services
  • Food and beverage vending
  • Vacuum stations at petrol stations
  • Air tower service for tires

They operate over 65,000 machines across North America and process over 300 million transactions per year. CSC ServiceWorks is owned by Pamplona Capital Management, a global investment firm.

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Common examples of CSC ServiceWorks charges

  • $1.50
  • $2
  • $5
  • $10

The charge amount depends on the type of machine used and service purchased.

When and Why This Charge Appears

CSC serviceworks charges

There are a few scenarios that can result in a CSC ServiceWorks charge appearing on your bank statement:

Using a CSC ServiceWorks Machine

  • Doing laundry and using your credit/debit card to add money to a laundry card
  • Making a purchase at a food or beverage vending machine
  • Using a vacuum station at a petrol station
  • Inflating tires using an air tower station

Each usage of a machine may show up as a separate CSC ServiceWorks charge.

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Recurring Charges

Some CSC ServiceWorks services operate on a subscription model, leading to regular recurring charges, like a weekly or monthly laundry plan.

Multiple Charges

If you use a CSC ServiceWorks machine more than once, additional charges will appear for each separate transaction. For example, buying a snack from a vending machine two days in a row.

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Table summarizing key details about CSC ServiceWorks charges:

Charge NameAmountsSource of ChargeHow to Manage
CSC ServiceWorks$1.50, $2, $5, $10Using laundry, vending, vacuum, tire servicesReview statements regularly, set usage budget
usa*csc tep coVariesCSC ServiceWorks charge variationContact support with disputes
pos csc tep coVariesCSC ServiceWorks charge variationReview transaction history

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What to Do If You Don’t Recognize the Charge

Discovering an unfamiliar charge on your bank or credit card statement can be confusing and concerning. If you see a CSC ServiceWorks charge but don’t recall using any related services, take these steps:

  • Review transaction records – Log in to your bank account and closely examine all recent purchases and pending charges. Does anything match up with the CSC charge date or location?
  • Contact CSC ServiceWorks support – Call or email customer service with details of the unknown charge. Ask them to explain what machine or service triggered the charge.
  • Dispute the charge – If CSC ServiceWorks cannot account for the charge and you still believe it is fraudulent, initiate a formal dispute. Provide your bank or credit card company with documentation.
  • Monitor statements – Keep watching bank and card statements closely for one or two billing cycles. See if any additional questionable CSC charges appear.

Remaining vigilant about checking transaction history makes it easier to spot and deal with fraudulent or unapproved charges promptly. Don’t hesitate to utilize dispute resolution if an explanation for the charge cannot be found.

Preventing Unwanted Charges

While occasional CSC ServiceWorks charges from using a vending or laundry machine may be acceptable, repeated or high charges can be frustrating. Here are some tips to avoid accruing unwanted CSC charges:

  • Set a budget for CSC machine usage per month and stick to it
  • Clarify billing practices of any CSC subscription services upfront
  • Limit transactions to essential vacuum/laundry/vending machine usage only
  • Check statements regularly to identify recurring charges
  • Carry change or cash for machines when possible to avoid card charges
  • Ask property manager to install signage on CSC machines about fees
  • Utilize mobile apps to monitor charges in real-time
  • Disable contactless payments on cards designated for machines
  • Contact CSC about options to cap or restrict monthly charges

Exercising caution and moderating use of CSC ServiceWorks machines linked to your bank account helps prevent surprise charges from accumulating. Consider practical ways to cut back on services if needed or switch payment types to gain more control.


The key is staying aware of these charges by carefully monitoring bank statements and credit card activity. Consider adjusting use of CSC ServiceWorks machines and services if the charges become too frequent or expensive. Reach out to customer support with any billing disputes or concerns over unauthorized charges.

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