Quidco cashback website review – is it real or fake?

Quidco is one of the most popular cashback websites in the UK, offering users the ability to earn money on their online purchases. But with the promise of ‘free money’, it’s understandable that some skepticism exists. In this in-depth review, we assess if Quidco Cashback Website is legitimate or fake.

What Exactly is Quidco?

Quidco was founded in 2005 by Paul and Jennifer Nikkel while studying at the University of Sheffield. Their concept was to create a platform where online shoppers could get cashback rewards on purchases.

In essence, Quidco is an affiliate network. It partners with thousands of retailers and brands. When a Quidco member shops via their site, Quidco earns an affiliate commission. They then share some of this commission with the shopper in the form of cashback.

So Quidco makes money from commissions, retailers acquire new customers, and shoppers get cashback payments – everyone wins.

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How Quidco’s Cashback Process Works

  1. Join Quidco for free
  2. Shop via Quidco site to access partner retailers
  3. Make purchases as normal directly with retailer
  4. Retailer pays commission to Quidco
  5. Quidco shares commission in form of cashback to shopper

This cashback can be paid out to your bank, PayPal or as gift vouchers.

Addressing Accusations of Being Fake

When hearing about cashback websites like Quidco for the first time, skepticism is understandable. The concept of getting ‘free money’ back seems questionable.

However, Quidco has operated successfully since 2005 with no evidence to suggest it is fake or fraudulent. We’ll analyze the facts:

Millions of Regular Users

Quidco has over 6 million registered users who successfully earn cashback through the platform. The average user earns £100+ per year in cashback rewards. This demonstrates it provides a real, genuine service.

Positive Independent Reviews

Review sites like TrustPilot rate Quidco 4 out of 5 stars based on 30,000+ independent reviews. Users praise the genuine cashback earnings and responsive customer service.

Comprehensive Customer Service

Quidco offers UK-based customer support 7 days per week. Users report quick and helpful responses to any issues, suggesting a legitimate business model.

Parent Company Reputation

Quidco is owned by MoneySupermarket Group – a £1.5 billion publicly-listed British company operating since 1999. This adds further credibility.

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How Does Quidco Actually Make Money?

To understand Quidco’s legitimacy, it helps to break the business model down:

  • Quidco partners with retailers and brands to access their product ranges
  • Quidco drives new customers to these retailers
  • Retailers pay an agreed commission to Quidco for each referred sale
  • Quidco shares 20-100% of this commission as cashback with the customer

So retailers acquire new business, Quidco earns commissions, and shoppers get cashback. Everyone benefits in this process.

Quidco cashback website

Our Final Verdict – Quidco is 100% Legitimate

Given the above evidence of millions of users, 16+ years of trust and payments made to shoppers, Quidco is certified as a genuine cashback website.

The confusion often comes from misunderstanding how Quidco actually generates revenue. In reality, it is a classic affiliate model – driving new sales for retailers and sharing the commission.

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Quidco Cashback Website – Pros vs Cons


  • Free to join and use
  • 4,500+ partner stores and brands
  • £100+ average yearly cashback
  • Responsive UK-based support


  • Delayed payouts to bank account
  • Lower rates than other sites in some categories

So while it pays to read the terms, Quidco ultimately offers a proven way to earn real money from your existing shopping.

Final Words

We hope this comprehensive review helps explain both what Quidco is and how it earns money. While healthy skepticism of ‘too good to be true’ deals is wise, all evidence confirms Quidco as a genuine cashback website paying members over £1 billion since 2005.

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