What Is the MGP*Vinted Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you noticed an odd charge on your bank statement from MGPVinted? You may be wondering what this charge is, where it came from, and most importantly, whether it is fraudulent. This article will explain everything you need to know about the MGP*Vinted Charge on Your Bank Statement

Overview of the Vinted Platform

Vinted is an online marketplace based in Lithuania that allows users to buy and sell secondhand clothing. It has grown rapidly into a major e-commerce platform across Europe.

Unfortunately, fraudsters have been exploiting the Vinted name to scam unsuspecting victims. The MGP*Vinted charge on bank and credit card statements is often an unauthorized transaction related to these scams.

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How the Charges Appear

The charge usually shows up as some variation of “MGP Vinted” or “MGP*Vinted.” Additional digits, codes, or locations may follow. For example:

  • MGP*Vinted 29060371895
  • MGP*Vinted Vilnius LT

Often fraudsters will first charge a small amount like £0.10 to test if the account is active and able to be charged. Once confirmed, larger unauthorized charges follow.

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Steps to Protect Yourself

If you see an unauthorized MGP*Vinted charge, take action quickly:

  • Review statements frequently – Catch suspicious activity right away
  • Dispute unauthorized transactions – Alert your bank promptly
  • Monitor accounts closely – Watch for additional fraudulent charges

You should also take measures to prevent future fraud:

  • Set up transaction alerts – Banks can notify you of purchases in real time
  • Use credit cards for online purchases – Credit cards offer more protections than debit cards
  • Never store payment information in online profiles – Avoid having details stolen

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When the Charge is Legitimate

In some cases, the MGP*Vinted charge on your statement may be valid. If you have an active Vinted account and have made purchases on the site, the charge could relate to legitimate transactions.

Before disputing a charge, log into your Vinted account to verify whether you authorized the payments. The customer service team can also help confirm legitimate purchases.

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Final Words

The MGP*Vinted bank charge relates to the Vinted online secondhand clothing marketplace. While often fraudulent, legitimate reasons do exist. Review statements regularly and dispute unauthorized transactions promptly. Prevent future scams by limiting payment info stored online.

With vigilance, you can catch fraud quickly and avoid letting scammers take advantage. Report concerns over charges to your bank right away.

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