What is the WUVISAAFT Charge on Your Bank Statement?

Have you noticed a strange “WUVISAAFT” charge on your bank or credit card statement recently? If so, you may be wondering what it means and why it’s there. This mysterious acronym actually signifies a type of money transfer facilitated by Western Union and Visa.

Understanding WUVISAAFT

What is a WUVISAAFT charge

WUVISAAFT stands for Western Union Visa Account Funding Transaction. It indicates that a payment was made using Western Union and Visa’s money movement capabilities.

Specifically, it means:

  • WU: Western Union, the money transfer company
  • VISA: The credit card network
  • AA: Account to Account
  • FT: Funds Transfer

So in plain terms, a WUVISAAFT charge on your statement means that funds were transferred between accounts using Western Union and Visa’s infrastructure.

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Why Do I Have This Charge?

You may see WUVISAAFT for a few reasons:

  • You sent money to someone using Western Union’s services and paid with your Visa card
  • You received money via Western Union that was funded with a Visa card
  • It could also be an error or fraudulent charge

Western Union and Visa allow people to quickly send real-time payments both domestically and internationally. It gives consumers an easy way to transfer money using their existing Visa debit and credit cards.

When these transfers occur, they appear on your statement as the WUVISAAFT charge along with the transaction amount.

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Is WUVISAAFT Legit or Fraudulent?

In most cases, the WUVISAAFT charge is legitimate and simply indicates the movement of funds between Western Union and Visa accounts.

However, if you do not recognize the charge or transaction, it could potentially signal:

  • Account misuse
  • Unauthorized access
  • Identity theft

Some key signs it may be fraudulent:

  • You did not send or receive the funds
  • Multiple unknown WUVISAAFT charges
  • Charges for amounts you would not normally send

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What to Do If You See an Unauthorized WUVISAAFT

If you spot an unauthorized or fraudulent-looking WUVISAAFT charge:

  • Contact your bank immediately to report the issue
  • Work with them to reverse any illegitimate payments
  • You may need to cancel your card and request a new one
  • Monitor statements closely for further suspicious activity

Going forward, keep an eye out for unfamiliar transfers. Set up transaction alerts through your bank to be notified anytime new charges appear.

Carefully reviewing bank and card statements can help catch fraud fast. But if a charge still slips by, report it ASAP to limit losses.

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When WUVISAAFT is Legitimate

If the WUVISAAFT charge turns out to be valid, no need to panic. When you or a loved one utilizes Western Union and Visa’s money movement capabilities, the charge will show the funds being debited from the associated card or bank account.

As long as you recognize the transaction details like:

  • Date
  • Amount transferred
  • Recipient

And know that a transfer occurred, the WUVISAAFT is likely legitimate.

These services enable consumers to quickly send payments across borders using existing payment methods. While the term itself may be unfamiliar, the charge is just facilitating convenient money transfers between accounts.

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In summary, the WUVISAAFT charge indicates the transfer of funds via Western Union’s services using your Visa card or bank account. If it’s unauthorized, report it promptly to your bank. But when recognized, it simply shows an Account Funding Transaction that moved money as expected.

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