What is the CCI CARE.COM Charge on Your Bank Statement?

You glance at your latest bank statement and spot an unusual charge – CCI *CARE.COM charge. This unexpected transaction leaves you puzzled, worrying that your financial security may be at risk from unauthorized charges.

This blog post will explore what exactly the CCI CARE.COM charge refers to, outlining potential reasons it could appear on your statement and steps to get to the bottom of the charge.

Key Takeaways

  • The CCI CARE.COM charge relates to the monthly subscription fee for the Care.com service.
  • It could appear on your statement due to an active subscription, overlooked free trial, or unused legacy membership tied to your card.
  • Alternatively, it may represent fraudulent activity if your card details have been compromised.
  • By cross-referencing your Care.com account status against the transactions, as well as contacting Customer Support, you can get clarity on precisely what the charge refers to.
  • Taking prompt action by canceling subscriptions, disputing unauthorized transactions, and replacing your card allows you to securely resolve the CCI CARE.COM charge.

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Overview of Care.com and Its Services

First, let’s outline what Care.com is and the types of services it offers families:

  • Care.com is a popular online platform connecting families with caregivers offering services like:
    • Childcare
    • Pet care
    • Elder care
    • Housekeeping
  • It has a subscription-based model where members pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the platform and provider network.

Signing Up for a Care.com Subscription

Families sign up for a Care.com subscription in order to:

  • Create a profile outlining their service needs
  • Be matched with vetted providers/caregivers in their local area
  • Manage billing and payments for any services through Care.com

There are different tiers of subscription with varying fees charged on a recurring monthly basis:

SubscriptionMonthly Fee

Subscriptions automatically renew each billing cycle unless canceled by the member.

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The CCI CARE.COM Charge Explained

Now that we’ve covered some background, what does the CCI CARE.COM charge referring to?

In short, this recurring transaction on your bank statement relates to the monthly subscription fee for the Care.com service.

CCI stands for Care.com International, the company that operates Care.com.

So in billing terms:

  • CCI = Care.com International (the company)
  • CARE.COM = The Care.com service

The charge amount will depend on the tier of subscription you have.

If it is around $29.99, $59.99, or $149.99, this signals an active subscription to Care.com.

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Why Am I Seeing This Charge?

If you aren’t an active member, you may be puzzled and concerned by a CCI CARE.COM charge appearing on your statement unexpectedly.

Here are some potential reasons:

You Signed Up for a Free Trial

Care.com offers new members a free trial period, usually 7 days, to experience the platform.

Many individuals forget they signed up to test the service out and don’t realize a subscription automatically starts after the trial requiring monthly payments.

So the CCI CARE.COM charge could relate to an overlooked free trial converting to a paid plan.

An Old Subscription Wasn’t Canceled

Alternatively, you may have previously held a Care.com subscription that you forgot about or neglected to cancel officially.

The platform has automatic subscription renewals set up, so charges can continue even if you are no longer using the service actively.

Review your past bank statements for multiple recurring transactions going back several months. This shows an unused legacy subscription was not canceled correctly at the time.

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Fraudulent Use of Your Card Details

Finally, the charge could represent fraudulent activity if someone has accessed your card details without authorization and created a Care.com profile to use its services.

Unfortunately, online platforms can be targeted by scammers in this way. Review your statements thoroughly for any other unusual or suspicious activity.

Multiple CCI CARE.COM charges spanning several months indicates likely fraudulent activity.

Getting to the Bottom of the Charge

If you discover an unfamiliar CCI CARE.COM charge on your bank statement, here are some steps to investigate further:

  • Review statements for frequency and timing of charges
    • Assess if it’s a one-time or recurring fee
  • Call Care.com Customer Support
    • Provide the transaction details
    • Verify if you have an account
    • Check status and subscription tier
    • Clarify billing details
  • Dispute the charge with your bank
    • File claim for suspicious/unauthorized transactions
  • Cancel subscription if you have an inactive membership
    • Prevent future charges for unused services
  • Replace your card if charges are fraudulent
    • Protect financial security from further misuse

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Thoroughly cross-referencing the Care.com transaction details against your personal records allows you to verify whether the charge is legitimate or not.

If it is valid, but you want to cancel an unused subscription, you can contact Customer Support to close the membership.

For fraudulent charges, calling your bank to dispute the transactions is essential. Replacing your card also prevents repeat activity.

Reviewing bank statements routinely and recognizing unusual charges quickly is key to protecting your financial security.

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