What is HFT ePay Charge on Your Bank Statement

Have you ever spotted an unfamiliar “HFT ePay” charge on your bank or credit card statement? If so, you’re not alone. Unknown charges from financial institutions can be confusing and concerning. This comprehensive guide will demystify the HFT ePay charge by exploring what it is, why Harbor Freight Tools uses it, how to manage these charges, and steps to take if you spot any unauthorized HFT ePay fees.

What is HFT ePay?

  • HFT ePay is an electronic payment system utilized by Harbor Freight Tools, a popular national tool and equipment retailer with over 1,000 stores across the United States
  • It charges a transaction fee between 1-5% of the total purchase amount for using this payment method
  • This transaction fee helps cover Harbor Freight Tools’ costs of processing payments made through the HFT ePay online and phone payment system
  • HFT ePay acts as a convenient alternative to paying in-person with cash or card when purchasing items from Harbor Freight Tools

In a nutshell, the HFT ePay charge on your bank or credit card statement signifies that you utilized Harbor Freight Tool’s electronic payment system to pay for a purchase instead of paying in one of their physical retail locations.

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Breaking Down an HFT ePay Charge

When you spot an HFT ePay charge on your statement, it will typically appear formatted in the following way:

HFT ePay 
Date: 01/24/2023
Amount: $7.83
  • The “HFT ePay” description indicates use of Harbor Freight Tools’ payment system
  • Followed by the date you made the electronic payment
  • And lastly, the actual transaction fee amount charged for your purchase

So in the example above, the customer paid a $7.83 HFT ePay transaction fee on January 24, 2025 for an order placed via phone or online. This fee amount varies based on the total purchase amount.

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Is HFT ePay Secure?

Yes, the HFT ePay system is generally considered secure. Here’s why:

  • It utilizes encryption during the transfer process to protect your card/bank account details
  • Harbor Freight Tools itself does not actually store your financial information at any point
  • Provides a safe, convenient alternative to paying in-person
HFT epay charge

However, as with any online payment system, it’s smart practice to:

  • Only save payment information on trusted, credible merchant websites
  • Monitor your statements routinely for unfamiliar charges
  • Promptly notify your bank of any unauthorized charges

Following basic security best practices allows you to pay safely online while spotting any suspicious activity.

What If You Don’t Recognize the HFT ePay Charge?

If you notice an HFT ePay charge on your statement that you don’t recognize or believe to be incorrect, take these steps:

  1. Contact your bank or credit card provider about the unfamiliar charge right away
  2. Banks thoroughly investigate unauthorized charges and refund fraudulent ones
  3. If the charge is valid, call Harbor Freight Tools for specifics on the HFT ePay charge
  4. Harbor Freight can look up the charge details based on the transaction date and amount

Getting clarity from either your bank or Harbor Freight Tools directly allows you to resolve the confusion over unrecognized HFT ePay charges.

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How to Avoid Unwanted HFT ePay Charges

While HFT ePay provides a convenient way to pay for Harbor Freight purchases online or by phone, you can avoid unwanted charges by:

  • Keeping close tabs on bank/credit card statements
  • Only saving payment information at trusted, well-known retailers
  • If your payment information becomes compromised, requesting a new card and updating passwords
  • Setting up account alerts to notify you of large charges

Monitoring statements routinely and limiting payment info are key steps to minimize chances of unauthorized HFT ePay fees.

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The Bottom Line

In review, the HFT ePay charge on your bank or credit card statements is simply Harbor Freight Tools’ transaction fee for utilizing their electronic payment system to purchase items online or via phone. Following security best practices allows you to safely take advantage of the convenience of paying electronically. And reaching out to your financial institution or Harbor Freight Tools directly can provide clarity on any charges you don’t recognize.

Understanding what charges like HFT ePay represent helps minimize confusion and anxiety when reviewing your monthly statements. Don’t hesitate to flag any suspicious charges with your bank right away as well.

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